Experienced LGBT Lawyer In West Virginia

We've all heard the ignorant statement, "They chose to be gay," or the story about the person who was married on Sunday and fired on Monday. The truth is that living, working and starting a family in West Virginia pose unique challenges for the LGBT community. It is important that you have an LGBT rights advocate on your side who understands the law and will work hard to protect you.

You Deserve An Attorney By Your Side Who Is Also On Your Side

Our law firm, in Beckley, is one of few firms in West Virginia that focuses on helping the LGBT community. In fact, attorney Robert Dunlap may be one of the only attorneys in this state who take cases for family creation. He has more than 20 surrogacy cases under his belt, a rare achievement in West Virginia.

Rob has been handling these cases for more than a decade because he believes in fairness, justice and common sense. In addition to being an LGBT lawyer, he is the most tenured board member of Fairness West Virginia. His experience means that you will have an advocate who clearly understands the laws and has succeeded in numerous cases involving a wide range of issues, including discrimination and family law for same-sex couples.

Combating Discrimination

LGBT discrimination affects many individuals daily, especially regarding jobs and housing. The only way to stop it is to speak up and hold the wrongdoers accountable.

If you face workplace bullying, wrongful termination or another form of discrimination based on your sexual orientation, turn to us. We have helped workers combat discrimination in the workplace for more than a decade.

We also know what it takes to fight housing discrimination. Do not accept a discriminatory "status quo." Instead, let us help you stand up for your rights and your dignity as a human being.

LGBT Family Law

We have marriage equality in West Virginia. Yet, while many people are getting married, state law doesn't recognize the marriages beyond what they are required to do by order of the courts. There is a lot of murkiness in this area of law. We've stayed up-to-date on the changes and can advise you on your best steps to take to protect yourselves and your marriage.

We also handle other LGBT family law cases, including:

  • LGBT divorce: If you are going through a divorce, our extensive family law experience and knowledge of the law can help protect your rights.
  • Family creation: From adoption to surrogacy cases, we want to help you start or expand your family as we have helped dozens of people like you.

Discuss Your Case In A Free Consultation

It is important that you work with someone you can trust. We like to say that if you wouldn't sit down with us for coffee, then we aren't a good fit. That is why we offer free consultations where our prospective clients can get to know us and we can explain their options under the law. To set up a consultation, please fill out our online form or call 304-712-2065.